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Skiles Edward Test (1889 - 1964)

Indianapolis native and businessman Skiles Edward Test is the area namesake for what now occupies the land of his farm and former famous home The House of Blue Lights. Historic Indianapolis profiles his story.

Skiles Test Nature Park

Over 80 acres of Skiles Edward Test's property is now a nature area maintained by the Indianapolis Parks Department.

Skiles Test Elementary School (1965)

A Northeast Indianapolis Elementary School broke ground on a 20 arce plot of land granted by Skiles Edward Test at the corner of 71st Street and Johnson Road shortly his passing.

Skiles Test Youth Baseball and Softball (1965)

The land surrounding the elementary school hosts four baseball and softball diamonds to honor the tradition of Skiles Edward Test and his commitment to youth activities. For over 50 years, families have spent their time gathering at the fields on this small lot to watch matchups between the stars of tomorrow.

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